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“Purveyor of deep, infectious, high energy vibes; using music to create a feel good atmosphere"...


That’s how Sir Benzo describes himself as a DJ, MC and host. Using selections that he was exposed to throughout his life, he is never afraid to go too deep into different musical genres to create the vibe, mood and nostalgia...


Born and raised in the multi cultural twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago, he grew up listening to the musical genres of Calypso, Soca, Parang, Reggae, Dancehall , Hip Hop, Pop and Soul Music from the 80s and 90s. This all became infused with his own energy and lifestyle and influences his sets today. He loves creating an energy  that translates into his sets. He picks apart and infuses together all the pieces of music that he loves best.


Though he loves playing in Carnival events, nightclubs, weddings and special events, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes.  As an up and coming host and MC he wants to use his media platform to express himself much more on an artistic level. 






Robert Randal, professional photographer, owner of Robert Randal Photography. Born in Washington DC,  raised by his mother and father who are from the island of Jamaica.

Robert Graduated from Eastern Kentucky University where he ran track & field until 2010. He Started photography 9 years ago after some time of urban modeling in Atlanta modeling for artists such as young Jeezy and Atlanta fashion week events.    


Roberts Love and passion for photography aims to provide quality images for models, families, and individuals needing to update their photos.  Spare time is spent gaining more knowledge of photography and advancing his art.  Robert is also a member of phi beta sigma fraternity incorporated.


Colin Alwin 


"My inspiration as a filmmaker and director is not for notoriety, or to jockey for a place in Hollywood. I just want to make great movies." These are the words of Colin Alwin Harris, a ferociously talented Guyanese-born artist, whose passion and hard work for entertaining audiences on the big screen, began with a big win at the Central Florida Film Festival in 2016. He is an Award-Winning writer, director, filmmaker, and producer known for his work on Haima (2016), MMXII (2017), Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer (2012), Flawed Proposal (2006). Colin Alwin Harris, a native of Georgetown, Guyana in South America has an eclectic mix of different filmmaking-related skills.




Rawle Andre’ is a cinematographer, director, producer, editor and founder of Can I Beat Media based in Atlanta, GA. Rawle was born in Guyana and grew up in South Jamaica Queens, NYC. He studied at Savannah State University, Post University and is a graduate of Central Florida Institute of Technology for Digital Motion Picture and Production.

Rawle has worked as a cinematographer for several Atlanta television station to include; WSB-TB, CBS46, Atlanta’s PBS Station (PBA30) and Peachtree TV (WPCH-TV). Rawle Andre' is also known for his works as Creator, Producer and Director of “The Underground Connection”, “Word on The Streets TV Show” as well the award-winning short film “A Long Way From Home”.

Currently he’s the producer, director, cinematographer and editor of The Caribbean Net Worth, the Local Atlanta Television Show for Carib Lingo TV.






“We are here for all your beauty needs”

Lashed by Lotus / Lotus Artistry

Shekinah Henry is a 6x Certified Lash Technician and a 2x Certified Microblading and Shading Artist.

She has been a Professional Esthetician for 2 years and Microblading for shortly less than a year.  Shekinah has successfully completed 2 lash sanitation classes, along with being bar abide and COVID-19 certified.

Shekinah started her cosmetology journey as a hobby in college as a “side hustle” and got hooked. Shekinah is a recent college graduate with a BA in Political Science and aspires on furthering her education in the near future.

One of Shekinah’s other aspirations in life is to start a nonprofit organization to aid Caribbean children that are being detained by ICE. This nonprofit will assist these children by providing legal counsel and funding while also helping them be reunited with their families.





Makeela Frederick is the producer and content creator for the YouTube channel and brand ‘KeelaFred Productions’. The channel includes videos from a variety of genres showcasing her talent following her stint at NYFA (New York Film Academy).

Storytelling is her calling, so she uses her expertise behind and in front of the camera. This introduced early on, acting and voice acting to her repertoire. Having a Caribbean background, she is able to offer different accents and dialects to match the client’s needs. Since moving to Atlanta, she has ventured into entertainment journalism, having the opportunity to host and
conduct several celebrity interviews.





Essence Cooke, blogger, and owner of RnB and Books.  Born in Fayetteville, NC and raised by military parents, her love for books developed at a young age.  Being a military brat gave Essence had the opportunity to live in seven different states and two countries.  Once she graduated high school, she decided to join the military herself, and while in the military she graduated from Upper Iowa University.

Currently working as a government contractor while simultaneously running RnB and Books.  Essence provides reviews of books that she has read and also provides monthly playlists for those books.  Having officially started her blog earlier this year, her goal is to create a virtual book club of readers and listeners.  Essence’s love and passion for music and books aim to share and provide new recommendations of RnB and Books through reviews and dialogue.  Outside of work and blogging, Essence enjoys researching and adding new books to her extensive collection.



Instagram: @rnbandbooks

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